The Results Are In!

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Our newest vibrators, Flex and Duet Flex, were created as a collaborative experiment with our Crave community (here's a great story from Lifehacker about the process). 

We collected extensive quantitative and qualitative data from our project participants, and carefully reviewed each survey submission to determine how to best use the data to develop our vibration patterns.

Using a statistical method called “k-means” we were able to break down the data and divide each pre-defined pattern type into buckets (see our previous blog post for more details). Each data point submitted was weighted based on the provided rating of that pattern and by any verbal feedback we got for that pattern. 

It was no easy task to compile the submissions into just a few patterns with a limited number of levels. People are so diverse, and as expected, there’s so many flavors of vibration patterns that people enjoy. After carefully reviewing every single survey and crunching numbers over and over again, here are the patterns we came up with for our Greatest Hits. We like to think of them less as the “most popular” patterns, and more as the most broadly representative of people’s diverse tastes.  

The resulting patterns ended up being far less linear than we expected! For example, in the alternating Duet Flex pattern type, you can see some linearity as each level changes in power, but speed varies in a less obvious way. When determining the final vibration patterns we considered both the hard data and also the flow of each pattern. The sequencing of each level, while not necessarily linear, needed to make sense from a user perspective. So many factors to consider!  




It is our hope that these “Greatest Hits” patterns will better and more fully represent the diverse tastes of the current and future Crave community.  We can’t wait to see what you think of the Flex and Duet Flex!

A special thank you to everyone who participated in our crowdsourcing project.  Your input was invaluable in helping us to learn and gain insight into what people want.